Sub Prime Car Loans Calgary

How do Subprime Car Loans Work?

“A subprime car loan is for a buyer with a low credit score.”

You can’t miss the “0% financing” advertising for vehicles these days. It is EVERYWHERE! This does not mean you qualify for this deal. Close to one-third of Canadians looking to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle aren’t eligible for such prime interest financing, according to industry estimates. Read More…

Bad Credit Is Temporary – Bad Credit Car Loans Calgary

Bad Credit Can Happen to Anyone


We’ve all hit a bump in the road before, but it doesn’t have to follow us around forever. Taking a hit to your credit can happen to anyone  —  the unexpected loss of a job, divorce or bankruptcy — they don’t have to impact your life forever.

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Getting a high quality used car with bad credit in Calgary


You are not a bad person, just because your credit is damaged

There are many Bad Credit Car Loan options in Calgary, but not all are equal

Fear, uncertainty and shame. Just some of the emotions that go through your mind when it comes to buying a car and you know you have bad credit. Read More…

Protect Your Car’s Resale Value


It’s hard not to get swept up in the smell of a new or new-to-you vehicle. After figuring out which model you’re going to purchase and no doubt multiple conversations and decisions, the last thing you’ll want to be thinking of is the resale value of your just-bought ride. But it’s never too early to start considering the return on your investment. When the time comes to sell your car or trade-in your vehicle in Calgary, you will likely want the most money for your trade.

Here are 5 ways you can protect your car after the dealer tosses you the keys:

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First-Time Car Buyer Advice


If you are someone who’s not very knowledgeable about vehicles it is a good idea to go car shopping with someone who is. Calgary has thousands of used vehicles for sale and these days it’s almost too risky to purchase privately, even with a Car History Report like CarProof. And especially if you haven’t purchased a car before you’ll want to ask a lot of questions. Read More…